Halfway through June! 

My goodness, this cannot be right 😕 😱

Almost the longest day of the year is upon us (in only 5 days time) & the year is nearly half gone too, it is just a little over 6 months until Christmas! 🎄 

It is certainly true that the older you get the quicker time flies, I mean my son only has 2 GCSE’s left to do & then they’re over… How do I have an almost 16 year old?! Wowzers, that came about pretty quick. 

Here’s a couple of photos from the last 6 years, you can see what a difference just 3 years makes between photos… But my once was little boy, is now very much a big young man – who’s gone from being inches shorter than me, to many inches taller than me! Hard to believe the changing faces & what growing up has done. I’m so extremely proud of my son & all the challenges he faces in life, he is uniquely wonderful & I love him to pieces 💙

So what else is there to report this month, it has been chaotic with appointments here, there & everywhere! I’ve started to do a lot more crafting again, which is wonderful. I’m ever thankful to my Aunticles for teaching me about mixed media, I love this craft & have created a few things so far which included upcycling a shoebox into a beautiful keepsake box… You wouldn’t think this possible would you?!

I’m currently in the midst of a cake for a project, but I cannot divulge any more information on what it is going to be. What I can tell you is: I’ve tried out a new combination of Chocolate, Morello Cherry conserve & White Chocolate Ganache… Cannot wait to taste this bad boy!!!  But 1st I need to finish the project & get it photographed – so I better keep the blog brief & crack on with the cake. 

Just 2 weeks left of this month now & then it is July, this is looking to be a busy month too… I think this year has been so busy that I’ve missed much of it! 

Oh, before I forget… Very much looking forward to taking my Popsicles out on Sunday, it is after all Fathers Day 😊 🍽🥂

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