New Year, New Blogging 

2018 began yesterday, I realise last year my blogging took a side step & since July nothing happened at all in the land of blogging for me.

It was a most chaotic second half of the year, a lot changed for me in many ways. Firstly, I turned another year older (this doesn’t bother me, I embrace all the wisdom I gain), I had to sadly watch my brother go, I gave a reading at my brothers funeral, my Dad had a small issue with a mini stroke, the old dishwasher finally gave up, so did the induction kettle.

We have since replaced the dishwasher, although from a free-standing to built-in we can still not use it until the kitchen is done (so it can be fitted correctly). Finding a new kettle is far more challenging, our old induction was the best & so far all we’ve seen on the market are inferior to ours all round… The capacity is so much smaller, the new inductions only work on 1 small ring (the lowest to heat up), the electric kettles are too plasticy or over 1ltr smaller! We just cannot find a kettle to suit us well.

This is not all though, my bestie moved town, he also dedicated his newest book to me, I got to see him more, I also got to see my gorgeous sister more.  I saw my adopted daughter & grandbaby more. I saw a totally awesome friend get married to her soulmate & also saw an old work colleague in the process. I saw another friend get married & had the honour of making her a surprise wedding cake that went on a very long road trip. I finally got to meet 1 of my overseas cousins. My gorgeous man got to meet some more of my family & best of all, that wonderful man of mine proposed to me & we are now engaged!

I also managed to raise £1,475 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance in memory of my brother too. If you would like to give a small donation to help me reach my target of £2,500. Here’s a link Fundraising for TVAA in memory of Mik

Quite a busy 5 months I’d say, there were also the general goings on in ones life; cooking, cleaning, washing, housework, shopping, caring for children, appointments at Dr’s, Dentists, Hospital, school performances & so on & so fourth.

We also had a lot of travel to different parts of the UK from travelling up to Gateshead & travelling down to Helston.

We were also lucky enough to attend the European Premiere of The Last Jedi & walk the Red Carpet at The Royal Albert Hall! 

So, so much that I cannot even manage to list everything individually, these are just the highlights (with a few lows) of what happened since early July!

I do intend to up the ante in regards to my blogging this year, I have missed this a lot, along with taking more photos (I do have a lovely new phone to use). 

Apart from the average very rainy British weather, this year has started off stress free & we are 2 days in.

Tonight we have our 1st unlimited screening at Cineworld, to see ‘Three Billboards’… This will no doubt be the 1st of many fabulous date nights as an engaged couple in 2018!

Here’s to a year of fun, filled times with friends, family & my fiancé!

Merry New Year from us both 🎉


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